Empirien their vision

We aim to be the Nordic region's preferred professional tool for all planning and documentation of teaching in schools.


Our mission is to be the most user-friendly tool for planning and documentation, so that teachers save a lot of time on administrative and pedagogical work. It should be a simple and clear everyday life for teachers, school management, students and parents/guardians. We want to follow the students from the first day of school to the end of school, and hope to be an important contributor by digitizing schools and using technology that can ensure inclusion for everyone – including those with language challenges.

Our values

  • Quality: Our goal is for Empirical Studies to be a resource for schools. We will be a partner that will be close to all our customers, so that we can develop together with them and meet any needs that may arise in the future. Therefore, we as a company are dynamic and open to development and improvement.

  • Innovation: We're not just going to deliver a word processor. We will make it easy and systematic for teachers to plan their teaching. We follow developments and are constantly innovating.

  • Inclusive: We want everyone to be able to participate in school, we do this by simplifying differentiated teaching, simplifying language barriers or reading challenges.

  • Responsibility: We help make it easier for schools to work digitally and structured.

  • Collaboration: For us it is very important to be able to work closely with schools to always improve our product. Our focus is how can we make the work as easy as possible for schools so that there is more time for teaching.


One Easter when a teacher brought his schoolwork home and her husband saw how complicated everything was, how many manual processes there were just to create a weekly plan and adapt the teaching for some, he had an idea of how this could be done more efficiently!
For an engineer with many years of experience who delivered the best IT systems to the offshore industry, he saw the opportunity to simplify a teacher's everyday life by creating good tools that remove the need for manual processes and "copy/paste" work that was an important part of the work at the time.

Studies were then carried out and it was quickly concluded that there are no beneficial tools that have addressed how to actually simplify a teacher's working day. And with this as a starting point, it was agreed to invest in creating a unique product that would ease the teacher's everyday life.

In 2012, a company was established and we started working closely with several schools already in a very early phase to ensure that we made what the teacher needed, and not what we thought they needed. Since then, Empirien has been given a number of functionalities to make it easy and inclusive for everyone. Among other things, we have text-to-speech and automatic translation of curricula using artificial intelligence to ensure that language minorities can also participate in both teaching and follow-up of the pupil. Now we are at full speed into the larger municipalities as well, and are constantly developing with both cooperation and employment. We look forward to the future, and look forward to seeing Empirien as a school tool in all Nordic countries!

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