Information for parents and guardians

With a focus on school-home collaboration, the school will make the curriculum available to students and guardians weekly.
As a parent, you will be notified by email when a new curriculum is available. 
It is therefore important that the school has your correct email address.

Some parents, and especially new parents at a school, may experience not receiving emails.
In most cases, this is because the email ends up in the spam folder.
Many phones will not download the contents of the junk/spam folder automatically.

This can make it look like you haven't received an email.
To avoid this, log in to webmail (e.g. or gmail) 
You will then find the email and can flag it as not spam/junk mail.

It is also possible to log in directly to with Id-Porten, vipps, gmail-konto or hotmail-konto.
You can then choose to receive push notifications directly on the phone, tablet or computer you are using.
You will then be notified when the school makes available a new curriculum
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