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Our mission is to be the most user-friendly tool for planning and documentation, so that teachers save a lot of time on administrative and pedagogical work. It should be a simple and clear everyday life for teachers, school management, students and parents/guardians. We want to follow the students from the first day of school to the end of school, and hope to be an important contributor by digitizing schools and using technology that can ensure inclusion for everyone – including those with language challenges.

Curricula Creation

Simplify the process of creating
curricula for teachers,
school leaders,students, and parents without the need for files, shared trips, or special access.



We have systems set in for inclusion of students and guardians with a second language by translating curricula automatically to any language.


Customized Curricula

You can easily Customize for individual students or groups of students who need it, anchored in competence goals, with automatic archiving for generating new suggestions for the following year.


Digitalization in Schools

Utilize our technology to lower the threshold for digital participation, allowing for easy authoring of curricula that extend beyond several weeks, and for cooperation between home and school.

What We Offer

We offer a streamlined approach to creating curricula which is possible with this system by eliminating the need for files, shared drives, or special access. It also allows for the automatic translation of curricula using artificial intelligence for students and parents who speak a second language. Furthermore, the youngest students can have the curriculum and homework read out to them using lifelike voices, allowing those who struggle with reading to fully participate.

Customizing curricula for individual students or groups is easy with this system, and it is anchored in the competence goals, providing a quick and easy overview of what goals needs to be achieved. Additionally, curricula are automatically archived, making it easier to generate new suggestions for the following year. The system also allows for cooperation between home and school by automatically notifying parents of new curricula.

Teachers can easily author curricula that extend beyond several weeks, and they can be included in the weekly curriculum. Lastly, this system promotes digital inclusion by using technology to lower the threshold for digital participation and can be an asset to schools.



Ann Merethe
Ann Merethe

It is very easy for parents to be able to follow the learning plan by logging in + that we can send out by email to all parents at once, We think the curriculum works well. You have a very good and fast service.

Malin J. Olsen

Empirien is a crucial tool. I can easily enter and customize the learning plan for the relevant students. Empirien also gives me the opportunity to link my work directly to learning goals from the curriculum.

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